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IMOK - Insurance Medical Officer’s Klub, is a registered body of Medical Officers of leading Insurance companies, committed to work in the field of Insurance medicine. 

This is the result of the dedicated efforts by a group of Chief Medical Officers who are leading and guiding Underwriting Teams in various Life Insurance and Reinsurance companies. The objective of the forum is to provide latest information, advances & statistical inputs on prognosis of medical conditions in life, disability and health insurance context. It also intends to provide junior medical officers & underwriters an avenue to learn the finer nuances of Insurance Medicine.

IMOK also aims at working in the larger interest of Insurance industry in collaboration with similar industry bodies in many advanced markets.
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Meeting on 2nd December 09

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IMOK - the only Klub of its kind in India

Medical Professionals please feel free to join our Xclusive Club
For Queries mail to info@imokindia.com